As one of the pioneers of data in modern day politics, TargetSmart believes that good data makes you smarter. Good data helps candidates and organizations identify their most likely supporters, craft effective messaging and make the right decisions. That’s more important than ever in today’s political climate and it means we’re also constantly looking for ways to improve and help our clients win.

So how are we doing that? Recently we partnered with Truthset, an independent data intelligence company, to validate the accuracy of our data and help to establish industry-wide quality measures and standards. At TargetSmart, we stand behind the quality of our data, and the success of our clients attests to that, but we also feel a responsibility as industry leaders to contribute to a transparent data-quality measurement system that will improve the data ecosystem as a whole.

We’re pleased to announce that in Truthset’s Q2 2021 Data Quality Truthscore™ Report, TargetSmart ranked highest amongst its peers in age, gender, homeownership, state of residence, education level, married individuals and small business ownership data. TargetSmart also placed within the top five for accuracy across these data segments.

In addition to these results, TargetSmart has begun participating in the Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing’s (AIMM) Multicultural Study. Cultural identity is one of the cornerstones of relevant, motivating consumer and political advertising; but historically, accurately measuring African American, Hispanic, Asian, and LGBTQIA+ consumers has been a challenge for the consumer data industry. By participating in this study, we are helping create a benchmark for multicultural data accuracy and advancing the dialogue on this important topic. Of note, TargetSmart’s race and ethnicity data for the Hispanic and AAPI consumers ranked #2 and #3, respectively, in the Q2 Report and speaks to the accuracy of our work analyzing the unprecedented impact of the AAPI vote on the 2020 election.

TargetSmart is the first data partner to join the Truthset Data Partner Network from the political sphere and we hope to see more of our peers participate in this initiative to improve the consumer data ecosystem. We look forward to using Truthset's quarterly benchmarks to continuously measure, strengthen and improve TargetSmart’s data assets.

About Truthset

Truthset is a data intelligence company focused on verifying the accuracy of record-level consumer data and measuring campaign performance beyond age and gender. Truthset helps companies build trust in data and improve the performance of any data-driven decision. Truthset compiles a likelihood of truth for any individual record that can be used to validate the accuracy of data and power more accurate consumer interactions. For more information, please visit